Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Weekend!!

You guys are so awesome! Thanks so much for all of your sweet words! I think the frustration part of it all is really coming from the fact that I feel like I'm working hard (minus my treats this weekend)... and seeing no results. I guess I need to sit back and REALLY look at my food... because I feel like my workouts aren't where I'm hurting with this. I go home next week for my brother's wedding and last time I was there, I was at my happy weight... so it's kind of embarassing to go back to see everyone. I feel frustrated and also like a failure! And honestly, I don't know how but I feel like I'm getting BIGGER. I put on three pairs of my bermuda shorts today and they were too small... I could wear them just fine a month ago!!!!??? I don't get it.

Anyway, my rant is over... I'm REALLY trying not to let it get to me. It's kind of come in waves this weekend! But thank you all for your support!

I have had such a great weekend! i hate that it's over! I got to spend lots of time with the hubby and the kiddo. Funny how doin' a bunch of nothin' can be the best time spent together.

JR and I have actually had a lot of fun lately working on puzzles together. I know we sound like some major party animals, don't we? Woohoo! No really, it's actually some good quality time that we can spend together... and it's almost meditative at times! While we were doing that, I had some dessert...Have you guys seen these new little individual servings of ice cream from Edy's??
Totally LOVE it... I'm one who normally can't have gallons or even pints of ice cream in the house because I WILL eat it... and not portion it out... haha... but this is PERFECT!!! I added a few of these bunny grahams and also 3 of these small marshmallows to make almost a smores type dessert...twas very yummy!
This morning, I got up and worked out... I did of course, Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred... and then since it's Sunday, I did some yoga, too! I don't know why.. but i LOVE doing yoga on Sundays. I guess it goes with Sunday's being a day to relax :)

I did this yoga video by Crunch... I REALLY like it... it focuses more on the lower body and you REALLY feel it when it's over!! I burned 386 calories with both work outs today.

I had a couple of work out buddies today while doing yoga... haha
While I worked out... JR and Maddie ran out and did some errands... and JR brought back some Starbucks! I got my usual skinny cinnamon dolce latte... and had it with breakfast. I decided to try something I have seen the lovely April do on her blog... add some pumpkin in my yogurt (I can hear JR gagging now... lol). It was REALLY good! I added some cinnamon and nutmeg... along with some agave and sliced banana. I had one of our new favorite blueberry muffins I made yesterday... the recipe that Jenna posted about a month ago. They're awesome... and so full of blueberries!!! I of course, slathered the muffin with a tablespoon of almond butter after this picture :)After breakfast, I got ready and headed to the grocery store for a few things for dinner tonight. Our grocery budget is done with for the week, so I'll have to make whatever we have around the house work! I have some fresh spinach and salad mix... a few apples, bananas and peaches... everything else produce wise is frozen. I'm sure we can make it work!

We planned to take dinner to my in laws house tonight so that they didn't have to worry about making anything for themselves and had a "night off" from cooking. They have been taking care of JR's grandmother... who is very sick (you can read more about it here). We're trying to make sure they're not stressing over little things and hoped this might help some! I came home from the store and while making lunch, made them a batch of the blueberry muffins for quick breakfast choices and also got things ready to make the mashed sweet potatoes.

While working in the kitchen, I made a quick lunch. A spinach wrap with turkey, hummus, turkey bacon, lite havarti cheese and spinach... there's a peach in the picture... but I got busy in the kitchen and forgot about it! By the time I saw it again, I didn't want it any longer.
When I finally got hungry again, I wanted my new chocolate smoothie... which I have no picture for...oops :(

We got to JR's parents house and JR grilled up the meats while I got salads ready... here's my salad and food once we got everything done: grilled pork loin chop with annie's bbq sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, some steamed veggies and a salad with mixed greens, blueberries, onion, gorgonzola cheese and sliced almonds...
We hung around and talked with JR's mom for awhile... and got to look at a lot of his grandmother's old photographs and letters... it was pretty neat!

We were going to head home but knew his mom needed a break... so we took her out for some ice cream :) We went to marble slab.... I got some of their fro-yo with chocolate chips... sorry for the blurry pic... I'm still not the best photographer!
Okay, I totally need to get to bed now... it's 11:30!!! I won't be getting up to work out... so I'll have to do it when we get home... which may mean it won't get done! :( I'm going to see how the day goes. I may make it my rest day, we'll see!

How was your weekend? Any fun plans this week?


  1. Hey Mandy, looks like a fun weekend! I think I know where Smith Springs Rd. is, you are just right around the corner, we should meet for lunch or something sometime!

    To answer your other questions, here is an explanation of a preacher curl, it's a little hard to explain, but it's easy to do.

    And I got the unsweetened apple butter at the Turnip Truck in East Nashville, I work in that area, so I'm there all the time. I've also seen it at Kroger with the health food, but it's more expensive there.

  2. Ah there's so much good eats in this post! first of all I had no idea they made single serving of ice cream! I need them!! lol

    And I'm so glad you tried the pumpkin yogurt combo! I love how it makes it more volumous and it feels like your eating a lot more doesnt it?? I'm going to try adding agave like you!

    And that marble slab looks so good! I wish we had one here!

  3. All those eats look awesome! Just remember the number on the scale is just a number. You are so much more than that number. :) I know how you feel, I've been going through a little bit of the same thing and it's really hard. You can definitely do it, but please allow yourself to be happy with your body along the way. Don't wait until you're at that weight, whatever it is, to be happy.

  4. Hey hun. Sorry about the weight gain :(. I know its not fun. Its hard to look at your eats and be objective. From what I see it looks like you are eating a lot of dairy. Have you thought about cutting back? Maybe it was a coincidence but everyone of the meals you posted contained dairy. Also, if you are looking for a little extra help try cutting back on your carbs after lunch. That always works for me :). Things will get better. I am lovin that kitty! and how sweet of you to cook for the in laws! Have a great Monday.


  5. aww girlie I really do hope you figure out what is causing the unwanted pounds. You seem to eat so healthy too!!

    blueberry muffin with almond butter is the BEST combo!

  6. The blueberry muffin looks so good- that is my kind of breakfast!

    And, the froyo looks delicious!Have a great week!

  7. Longhorn/Wine/Salad, I am in! My email address is amandabpurcell(at)gmail(dot)com you can email me and we can swap info etc.

    Also, I do yoga at the Y.