Sunday, August 30, 2009

Such a great weekend....

The things we as parents do for our kiddos....Maddie decided to play "dress up" with mommy and daddy... I thankfully got the cute pink bunny ears ;)And then Maddie pulled out her head bands... and thought mommy needed two... or three in her hair...How was your weekend? Friday night, Lisa came over! If you did not catch her guest post a few weeks ago, check out it here!! I had not seen her in a couple of weeks... and let me tell you, the girl is shrinking right before my eyes. She looks incredible! :) I was so glad to see her... I missed my Lisa time! Lisa will be back on Tuesday with another guest blog to recap her experience with Level 2 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred! Be sure to check back for that and cheer her on!

Saturday, we spent the day lounging around doing a little bit of laundry and dishes. JR and I watched Spider Man 2 while Maddie napped... it's so nice to sit and relax with my hubby! We don't seem to have that opportunity often anymore so I really took advantage of some cuddle time with him!

As for today, I got to sleep in thanks to my amazing hubby... did a TON of coupon clipping (anyone else a coupon clipper?!), a quick run to Publix for a yummy turkey and swiss sub... and now I'm sitting here watching "The Notebook"... can I just say, I LOVE this movie?! I kind of have a girl crush on Rachel McAdams... and a TOTAL crush on Ryan Gosling AND James Marsden... Ca-Ching!!!

James Marsden's wife has family not too far from where we live... a friend of ours would see him at Panera almost every day... and JR and I saw him and his son at Kroger some time earlier this year, too!

Anyways! Food has not been great this week at all. Since returning home from Florida, there has been nothing but drama that my family has been dealing with. I don't usually get caught up in it all... I learned the hard way that they have to take care of themselves. But this time, it was almost hard not to be a part of it. How did I deal with it? Instead of some great work outs, yoga or long baths... I binged. Worse than I have in years. I won't fully go into details obviously... but it's been pretty scary. I have tried not to beat myself up over any of it... which gets hard at times.

Normally, my work outs help keep me Florida, it was impossible to get a work out in... and since coming home, I was so exhausted from our trip, I said I would give myself a few days to sleep and de-stress before getting back into it. I kept delaying it, though! I kept saying... tomorrow I'll work out... tomorrow I'll eat better... and thanks to my good Firm infomercial buddies, Lindsey and Tammy P...they inspired me to get off my tail and do SOMETHING. So I did I did a yoga video from Crunch... with Sara Ivanhoe. I really like her videos... her voice is very soothing and she's easy to follow! Great instructions on this DVD if you are a beginner, too. This video is two videos in one... one is called the "Joy of Yoga" and the other is "Fat Burning Yoga". I did "Joy of Yoga"... nice and relaxing. I felt 200% better after only 35 minutes!

I have my work out routine now mapped out for the week! Lisa is finishing up her last week of Level 3 with Jillian... and then we are going to start a new Firm rotation together! I'm so excited to start another challenge with her!

So what did everyone do this weekend? I need to catch up on blogs to see how everyone is doing and check out all of your yummy eats! Anyone have a favorite meal of the week? I did... mine was my "oats in a jar"... allll filled with some yummy dark chocolate PB!!! Chocolately-goodness in EVERY bite!!!!
I am heading off to get Maddie up from her nap and get dinner going. I am making this recipe from Cooking Light that sounds yummy... it's Meatballs and Peppers. I hope it's good! I'll report in tomorrow with the review!


  1. You guys are such cool parents!!

    And those oats look amazing!!

  2. Such cute pictures of you all dressed up- I love it!! Sounds like you got some nice relaxing and good movies in! How fun. Sorry about the drama :( That PB is super yummy ;)

  3. What great and fun parents you are!!

    Mmm I need oats in a jar asap!!

  4. Hi Mandy! My first time to visit your blog...I love how you chronicle your daily life. It's such a fun read. Re: vacation and eating beyond normal, that is normal I guess. That's why before I start my vacation, I try to lose at least 5lbs from my normal weight so that I have space to eat. Oh well, we can always go back to our normal eating routine after vacation.

  5. I love all the dress up pictures!

    Sorry about the drama; stressful, emotional times are hard to deal with, and it's easy to fall back on what we have done in the past... Don't be hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day. Good job on planning your exercise for the week! :)

    Dinner sounds great...

  6. Love all the pics. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your week is just has great

  7. the pics! Too cute! :)

    I have to say one of my favorite weekend eats included the oats in a jar too! I can only imagine the chocolate pb must be heavenly...I've yet to try that flavor!

  8. So proud you were able to push yourself into that yoga video...I know you've been struggling and so I know how accomplished it must have mafe you feel! I tell ya, if I've learned anything in the last 26 days, it's that taking that first step will carry you right over into the next one! You know I believe in you SO much and, while you might forget how much you've changed and how far you've come...I never will. You're my hero!

    My awesome niece dressed y'all up nice!!

    Love you...

  9. p.s. THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying I'm shrinking...I needed to read that today, in a bad, bad, way!!

  10. you and the hubs are too cute! your precious kiddos must be so popular for having the coolest parents ever ;)

    sorry to hear about your difficult weekend and the family drama -- remind yourself that what's done is done.. today is a new day, a new week, and a beautiful opportunity to start with a clean slate. Leave the past in the past :)

  11. LOVE the pics of all of you dressed up. You are just about the cutest family ever!

    Im sorry to hear about your stressful weekend :( I agree w/ the comment above-its a new day, forget it and move on.

    Oh and that PB is pure evil. I have the white chocolate flavor in my cupboard-I swear it calls my name "come eat me, Im delicious"

  12. Falling back into old bingeing habits can be scary, but just remember how far you've come. Take a deep breath and try not to beat yourself up over it. It happens to all of us. Just move on to the next healthy meal.