Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap up! :)

How was everyone's weekend? Before I recap our Sunday... I'll finish up our Saturday :)

I did my last day of Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day shred yesterday. I had planned on doing some heavy upper body work after... but as I was getting my stuff out, I saw this kit that The Firm put out last year that I got for Christmas. I haven't used it yet and thought while I had some extra time, I should give it a try. It only uses a resistance band and a weighted jump rope. The jump rope has 2 lbs weights on the handles. You can either use the DVD as a whole or they break it up into 4 segments that are 10 minutes each.
I'm not sure that I loved this work out. The "equipment" seemed a little cheap. I will say that the cardio portion is TOUGH. It's mainly jump rope... you do two minutes of jump roping - basic jumping, then adding in things like high knees, jumping on one foot, etc.. then you take a break and do plyometric moves... which is HARD after doing two minutes of straight weighted jump roping! Then I did the lower body portion, which uses the resistance band... I'm actually really feeling that today!!! The upper body and abs portion are just okay. I'd pull this out for a very quick cardio boost and lower body add on... but not sure I'd use the upper body/ab parts! All in all, I burned 450 calories...

Yesterday after my post, our best friend Lisa joined us and we headed off to the mall. We grabbed a quick Subway sandwich and baked chips for lunch. Miss Maddie begged to ride the carousel...haha... this is the best shot!!
I did have 1 1/2 pretzel cinnamon stix from Auntie Anne's... yum :) Then went off to the Nike Outlet and picked up my new shoes that I am SO, SO excited about! Of course, had to have some pink on them :) How cute are they?!?!?!
Maddie decided she wanted to try them out, too... haha... I could have told her she had them on the wrong feet... but it was too funny!

I snacked on an apple and some trail mix last night before we had our leftover pizza from date night for dinner! Seriously too good :)

As for today, We had a leisurely day... Okay, I had a lazy day... JR did yard work, vacuumed out our cars... and then Maddie and I helped him wash our cars...
I kind of sat around, caught up on some blogs and did a bunch of nothing! I did plan out some meals for the week... I don't have "set" plans but at least have some options, which is a huge leap for me!

We got up and headed straight out to grab the Sunday paper and some Starbucks... I came home and really wasn't very hungry... I didn't have any cravings, so pulled this out for breakfast...
I ended up not wanting the banana... so just had a small amount of PB on the half blueberry bagel and my latte!

I went through our freezer to see what we have for upcoming meals this week... and realized we had quite a few different loaves of bread taking up all of our space! I thought I should have a sandwich for lunch to start using some of it up... I pulled out a couple of slices of this (sorry it's a bit blurry)...I had this with some turkey, Sabra's classic hummus (OBESSED with Sabra's hummus!), lettuce, tomato, Whole Foods honey mustard, Havarti Cheese... a few Sun Chips and some fruit on the side... Good lunch!

I am now 0ff to do Day 1 of Level 2 on the 30 day shred... lord help me get through it! I'm exhausted and wanting to take a nap more than anything else!

Anyone have anything exciting going on this week?

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. *LOVE* your new shoes.. nothing better than pink! I had to be sure to get pretty ones too.. lol!

    Workout looks pretty good.. too bad about the shoddy equipment.. can't win 'em all eh?

    The workout I did today (Tighter Assets) was pretty good, but really hard on my knee, so I had to modify some of the moves. Lots of jumping, then holding the pose, etc... kwim? But I do like Tamilee.. not overly into the "super perky" trainers.. they tend to annoy me. lol! I prefer more along the lines of Jillian Micheals.. So Tamilee was good!

    Question for ya.. what do you use to calculate calories burned? To burn over 400 that must have been a kickass workout.. i'm always afraid of 'over estimating' but do work up a good sweat for my workouts..

  2. Oh my gosh, Maddie is so freaking cute! I love all the pics of her. Glad you got in some great workouts and your new shoes are totally adorable. Let us know how you like them.

  3. I use a heart rate monitor to see how many calories I've burnt. I've used Polar F4 for about six years now! You can find where to buy one at :)

    Hope that helps some!

  4. Awh, your little girl is way too cute!
    I love the pics!
    and the shoes are cute too. Enjoy getting some good use out of them

  5. Nice job getting through Level 1! I hear she's tough! Good luck on level two.

  6. great job on the Shred! I have heard she is one toughy.

    I really need to try that german dark wheat bread - it looks so good :D

  7. Thank you, Erica :) So far, really liking the shoes!!!

    Paige, Jillian IS tough... I've had this DVD sitting in my workout dvd collection for months... and totally underestimated how tough it really is! It's only 20 minutes... but it gets your heart pumping in that short amount of time!

    Kailey... the bread is awesome :) I love it!!! Let me know if you try it and what you think of it :)