Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Good evening!

I am about to hit the hay... I have to get up early to work out... so this will be quick :)

I ended up staying home from work with the kiddo today... JR's grandmother is still in the hospital having numerous tests done. Looks as though there will still be a few things they have to do tomorrow, too... but Maddie is going to go back to his parents house for the day. They're ready for a break from the hospital! They will take turns going to stay with his grandmother for tests, etc... so back to work tomorrow (boo!)!

I slept in this morning (till 7 am! haha)... finally had breakfast around 8:30... I was craving my Oat Bran pancakes again!

Maddie and I just hung around the house playing with barbie and princess dolls... oh so much fun! :) She unfortunately found the stash of the dolls shoes that we had hidden.... oy...who's bright idea was it to make them shoes anyway? They don't stay on and the minute she takes them off or they fall off... they're lost!

We then headed out to Target to do some returns... and we were both complaining of how hungry we were by the time we made it back home!

I threw together a turkey burger and blue corn chips pretty quickly! I topped my burger with some tomato, spinach leaves, provolone cheese and dijon mustard and put it on an Arnold's multi grain thin. And of course, had some more guac on the side for the corn chips! Gotta get rid of it before it goes bad! :) I finished the meal off with half of a trader joe's 100 cal dark chocolate bar and almond butter... yummm

Finally got Maddie down for her nap after lunch... and got my work out in! Today I did a Firm favorite... Complete Aerobics & Weight Training. After finishing the video, I did some extra upper body work of my own, some jumping jacks, step ups and jump rope before calling it quits. 437 calories gone!

I refueled with a seriously good smoothie! I used 1 cup unsweetned vanilla almond milk, half frozen banana, some frozen cherries, some Jay Robb protein powder and some TJ's crunchy almond butter... so good! And yes... i so topped it off with some Reddi Whip...

When Maddie woke up, she asked to make some blueberry muffins... so we did! We used Jenna's recipe... I thought they were great! FULL to the rim with blueberries and whole grains! :)

JR came home and we got dinner going....although, I couldn't find any inspiration tonight. I cooked up some ground beef that was in the fridge that had to be used... and threw it in some veggie soup. I normally try not to eat red meat more than once per week... but this was my only option this evening! I added a big side salad with some feta cheese and my fav new dressing... and one of the muffins we baked smeared with some Smart Balance...

And now I'm off to dreamland...

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