Monday, July 6, 2009

Make Up Monday....

I know I still need to recap yesterday's happenings... that may not happen until tomorrow at this point :)

One thing about me is - I LOVE playing with make up! I have always had an interest in it... but growing up... I never knew how to use it properly. I thankfully had great skin throughout my teenage years (which completely changed after having Maddie!)... so there was no need for a ton of foundation, etc... I wore some powder and maybe some (really bad) lipstick and that was about it.

Throughout the past ten years, I have found myself playing around with make up more and more. I am by NO means an expert at it and definitely would never claim to be! But the more I try, the more I learn!

I thought it would be fun to share some looks here with you!

Today, I chose to do a "smokey bronze" look...I put a bronze color on the first 2/3 of the lid... then put a black on the last 1/3. Over the black, I added a darker bronze color and blended them out. Added a lighter brown color to the crease and a neutral highlight color under the brow bone. I then put contoured with some bronzer and my favorite blush and topped it all off with nude lips! Here are some pictures....

hang in there with me... still trying to figure out camera angles and how to really show off what I'm taking a picture of! And we must have had a finger print or something smeared on the lens...

I'd love any constructive criticism, thoughts... whatever!

Do you like wearing make up? What is your daily make up routine? I have to say, my favorite part is playing with eye shadow colors! So many options!


  1. You did a great job with the eye makeup! I wish I could apply it like that. I am a big makeup lover as well, but I always run out of time to apply eye makeup like I'd like to. Great job!

  2. Thanks so much Paige!

    Haha yeah, I'd have A LOT more free time in the mornings if I would "simplify" a bit more with the make up. But I love it and it's really the only time I have to "play"... so I look forward to it!

    Thanks for stopping by!