Thursday, July 9, 2009

So close to the weekend!!!


Have you ever had one of those weeks that just D..R..A..G..S.. on and on? This is definitely one of them! It's been so busy... at home and at work... you would think that would make it FLY by... nope - no such luck!

The alarm went off at 5:20 this morning... and I hit the snooze button... twice!

I finally crawled out of bed and headed down stairs to face...(cue doom music)...

The Shredder!!!!

Seriously - is that not motivation allll wrapped up in a pic???
I need to tape that to my forehead as a constant reminder!!!

I got goin' on Level 1 and Level 2 of her 30 Day Shred dvd... now, I can get through Level 1 using 8 lbs just fine... but I'm crying in Level 2 with 5 lb weights! I almost went down to 3 lbs in a couple of the moves but kept going in the end. I burned 370 calories....

Jillian's video is very different for me... I'm used to my Firm videos, which use heavier weights... I use up to 15 to 20 lbs in some videos. I'm really curious to see the difference in my body using the lighter weights and doing some circuit training!

After shredding and getting ready for work... I was MORE than needing some fuel! I was craving a smoothie today! I mixed up 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 medium frozen banana, the rest of my frozen cherries, 2 tbsp jay robb protein powder and some almond butter... with one of the oh-so-yummy-in-my-tummy blueberry muffins. MAKE these today!
Work was busy, busy, busy... I needed to get out of the office to breath, so I used my lunch break to head to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things that I needed. We finally got a Trader Joe's last year and I am ADDICTED to it! I have loved every single thing I've tried! Anyone else a Trader Joe's fan?? What's your favorite thing there? I would love some more suggestions!

When I got back, I fixed up lunch... turkey sandwich w/ swiss on ezekiel sesame bread, dijon mustard, big spoonful of hummus, tomato and a bowl of Pacific International's buttnernut squash soup. I'm sure you're thinking... "Soup??? It's summertime!"... Yes, it's 90 degrees outside... but it's 50 degrees in our office! I freeze my tail end off there! It's never too warm for soup when I'm working :) Oh yeah, there's a peach in the picture... but it was too ripe to eat and I threw it out after two bites... :(

This is one of my new finds today at Trader Joe's... it's a Cherry Granola Cookie... and OH MY it's GOOD! I somehow stopped at one small cookie! I shared with the ladies in the office... and everyone came back for seconds :)
I had a larabar for my snack... but was craving an apple badly and had that instead! I had my fav... a braeburn apple... they're amazing!
Dinner was easy peasy (or pizza?!)... Publix had all Kashi products for 50% off... and since I had been wanting to try this, I scooped it up!

While dinner was cooking, Maddie threw a "puppy party"! She had quite the crowd! Everyone had a special collar or crown :)
The pizza was REALLY good! I was honestly surprised... as you will find if you read this blog regularly - JR and I are pizza FREAKS! I don't usually like thin crust pizza... I am a big, doughy, chewy pizza crust kinda girl... but this was definitely something I will pick up again!
I don't normally drink alcohol unless we're out somewhere or at a special occasion... but it's been different this summer! It felt "right" with the pizza. We each had a beer... I don't know a lot about beers... I normally drink wine! JR didn't like this... but I did! I drank about 3/4 of it!
After dinner, I did some more work (ick... never ends) and then we had an improptu family dance party! We jammed to some Michael Jackson! It was a blast :)

Maddie gettin' down!

Daddy trying to get her to booty dance... which came out more like the chicken dance...

Maddie showing off her mad photography skills (she gets it from her mama... )
Whew! That was fun!

Random Maddie quote of the day....

"Mommy, I wish when we burped we didn't have to say 'scuse me'...I wish we could say 'elephant'".

Night all! :)


  1. Jillian scares me. Im not going to lie. haha
    I will have to give that pizza a try!! margahrita is my favorite :)

  2. I really need to try some of her videos. I love the family dance party, too! No Trader Joe's here, but I'd love to get one!

  3. haha, your family is too cute!
    Jillian is hard core. I agree with peanut butter swirl, she scares me!

  4. Ha ha - loved the dance party USA. Too cute.

    I did Jillian's Shred once - started out with 8 lb weights and it hurt to bend my arms the next day...not good for a massage therapist. :)

    I love Trader Joe's - their Goddess salad dressing, their almond butter, their salsa flavored canned refried beans, their ketchup, their it all!

    Have a good weekend Mandy!

  5. Girl!! What the?? Why didnt you tell me you had a blog?? I have missed all of this! Now I have tons of catching up to do and I feel like a dope. Your little one is so cute!!


    P.S. This week flew by for me!!

  6. Oh, the 3 layer hummus is pretty good. I am not sure about the cilantro by itself but with the other 2 it is good. Also, I love the raw almond butter, pasta sauce, pumpkin butter, you know I love the sausage, their almond milk is cheap, and they have a dressing that I love, its like a pear champagne Gorgonzola. Its over in the refrigerated section. Yum!!