Monday, July 27, 2009

Make Up Monday... and a confession....

Happy Monday everyone :) I hope it was a good start to the week for ya!

Make Up Monday will be short and sweet :)

First... here are a few fun pics that my sister, Brittney sent me! She's great with playing with bright colors!! I so wish I could do that!

Thanks Britt! :)

I thought instead of posting my mug all over the page , I thought I would share with you one of my can't-live-without products!

My favorite mascara - L'Oreal Voluminous!

I have tried many expensive and inexpensive mascaras and ALWAYS go back to this! In my opinion, mascara is one of those things you can save your money on when buying make up. I think there are some that really stand up and even pass the quality of the high end make up lines!

Why this mascara ROCKS:
  • It's cheap! It's around $7... I can usually find coupons for any L'Oreal eye products, too... and if you watch Walgreens or CVS, they have lots of buy one, get one free sales. When I find this, I buy one, get one for free and use my coupon... and usually end up only paying $3 for two tubes! Bonus!
  • The volume and thickening is amazing! I only need a couple coats... makes my lashes feel so luscious!
  • I put it on in the morning and no need to worry about touching it up throughout the day! It has great staying power!
I absolutely recommend this mascara!!

One great tip that every lady should follow before you put on your mascara is to curl your lashes! It will make your eyes look ten times bigger!

What about you? What is your favorite mascara? Please share! :)

Confession time....

I have mentioned before in the past few posts that my eating hasn't been so great as of lately. I don't know what has kicked me off my normal healthy routine! I am not going to go into how badly my eating has been... but will say that it's consisted mainly of sweets (big cookies, ice cream) at least twice a day, and not a ton of veggies or fruits at all... lots of junk food that I don't normally eat or want! And lots of it!

That being said... I was already up about 7 pounds from my "happy weight" that I had been at for over a year... and now just from the past two weeks, I'm up 13 pounds.

I even had to go out and buy new jeans and a couple of new shirts! I don't have the money to be doing that right now!


I wasn't having an issue with my workouts... until Brittney came.. .then our schedule was CRAZY! We were out of town and I was up much later every night than I normally am and it threw me way out of whack. I didn't work out for about two weeks! I finally started up again on Saturday... thank goodness!

It's been a constant hate battle with my self confidence. I have been avoiding mirrors and tight clothes at all cost because I'm so mad at myself! I've kept off over 100 pounds for almost 10 years now... and at my "happy weight" for quite some time after having Maddie (and in better shape than I was BEFORE having Maddie) and that weight seemed to come naturally and I had no issues feeling satisfied with food! But now that I've gained so much weight and so quickly... I am ashamed to let family, friends, co-workers see me! Most people who know me as "the weight loss girl"... the girl they come to for some advice when trying to lose weight... I feel like such a failure right now!

I'm trying to take a step back... and look at things in the long run - I haven't gained back all of my weight - just 13 pounds. Yes, it's a good amount... but not 100 pounds!

I need to stop yelling at myself! The guilt does NOT help!

I can either choose to continue to eat this way and make things worse... or I can keep my eats simple for now to help me "detox" a bit and get back on track...

This is all about my health... not JUST losing weight!

Now, I don't have a HUGE plan to change things...but wanted to be open and talk about all of this here... since I wanted to be honest and share what's REALLY going on with me!

I will talk more tomorrow about my small "plan"... it's nothing outrageous or a crazy, intelligent plan... but what I think will work for me!

I'm sorry for all of that... but thank you to whoever listened!!

The batteries in our camera are dead.... and we are out of batteries! I keep forgetting to snap pics of my food today because I'm not used to using my cell phone for it!!

So for breakfast, just imagine a whole wheat bagel, with cheese, eggs and a slice of turkey bacon...

For a snack, a banana/pb sandwich... half with PB&Co's Might Maple PB and the other with PB&Co's Bee's Knee's PB :)

Lunch was leftovers of my pizza from Saturday night... and a big side salad with four small strawberries, onion, tomato, carrots, and a sprinkle of feta cheese... I got some pics with my cell phone of this...

Afternoon snack was a big ol juicy braeburn apple... YUMMM... and a small serving of Trader Joe's Trail Mix... good stuff!

For dinner, I just threw together a bunch of things that needed to be used up.... I sauteed some onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and asparagus.... threw them in with some quinoa and some leftover chicken sprinkled with some parmesan cheese... simple but yummy!This morning, JR and I got up and did our Day 3 of Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred... then we added on 20 extra minutes of cardio... I burned a total of 446 calories!

Now I am off to do some more work... and then going to bed. I have a horrible headache!!

How did your Monday shape up? I hope it went by quickly!


  1. I just found your blog but enjoy reading it.. like that you sound very "real".. :) I think what you're feeling is very normal and we all deal with it! ((hugs)) Just get back on track, and stop BEATING YOURSELF UP!! lol! No point to it, and it'll keep you down, kwim? Keep on keepin' on! You're gonna do great! I'm going to add you to my blogroll too, hope that's ok! Hang in there!!

  2. You're right...don't beat yourself up! You have lost an amazing 100 pounds - that takes so much strength to do that- you can get back on track and you'll be back to your happy weight in no time!! hang in there!

  3. Hello! Thank you for the mascara rec- I am always on the hunt for a good on!! I think its wonderful that you have recognized that you aren't eating/working out the way you want to be. Make the turn around for the better- you're doing awesome :)

  4. Sounds like you're doing great to me, girl! You can do it! ; )

    Mascara is probably the one thing that I would put on makeup wise if I could only pick one. Thanks for the recommendation! I used Mary Kay for the longest time since my sister sells it and I really do like their mascara but right now I just have some cheap brand I forgot the name of, ha.

    Happy Tuesday! ; )

  5. love the pink eye shadow :)

    I think its great that you realize that you need to make changes!! Im sure you will be able too get back to your happy weight :) Good luck girlie!

  6. Love the make-up. You are so beautiful. Don't beat yourself up... like you said, it really doesn't help. Getting out and doing something about it is what matters and you are doing that. Jillian MIchaels is hardcore! You can do this... you can get back to your happy weight. We all go through this at some point, so don't think you are alone.

  7. Ah your makeup is so cool! It reminds me of a beautiful sunset.

    Everyone gets in a funk here and there, just keep tryin' and you'll get the motivation back :-)

  8. Thank you so much ladies! :) You are all so awesome... I really appreciate the support :) I KNOW I'll get back there... and it will take time... but I'm doing this for myself!!!!

    By the way - the girl in the picture with the make up is my little sister, brittney :) She did a guest look for me yesterday since I didn't have time! But the mascara review is from me :)