Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

The weekend is almost here!

How was everyone's Wednesday? Mine was actually very S-L-O-W! The clock was NOT moving fast enough today!

I slept horribly last night... so getting up to work out this morning was rough. I stalled as much as possible when I got downstairs knowing cardio was in the plan today! I almost talked myself into coming back upstairs and getting back into bed! Thankfully, I got out a video and got moving... Today was the Firm's Calorie Killer. This isn't a video I go to often... I seem to forget how challenging it can be! It's only about 35 minutes, so I write it off as an "easier" work out. Not so! It has a ton of plyo's, weighted step ups on a 14 inch step, some football drills and step aerobics on an 8 inch step. I burned 356 calories in that short amount of time! I normally only burn about 250 for most of my straight 30-35 minute cardio videos.

Breakfast was in a hurry on my way out the door... as usual! A good ole standby!

A cinnamon raisin Ezekiel muffin... one side topped with almond butter and cherry preserves, the other with natural PB... both sides sprinkled with cinnamon. I LOVE sprinkling cinnamon on top... it gets all melted into the PB/AB and is so, so yummy :) I also had a very ripe banana with this...

I was still exhausted on my way to work... so I grabbed my ever growing change bag praying I had enough for a skinny vanilla latte...
Thankfully, I did!!!!
I always feel ghetto giving all change to pay for something!! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Work was insane... since I was out yesterday, I had quite a few piles to tend to!

For my lunch break, I walked down music row with the hubby and his co-worker to check out some new apartments that were being sold. We really only went cause we heard they were serving free food from one of our fav local restaurants :) AND because they were doing a name drawing... which the prize was $50. Let's see... who won.... OH that would be ME!!!! :) Woohoo!!!

I passed on the lunch items they were offering... and walked back to my office to heat up my food...

Dining a la deskside since I used my lunch time to win $50 :) Leftover turkey burger, provolone cheese, dijon mustard... with some food taste good multi grain chips... and I made a "relish" of sorts for the chips... I took some corn, black beans and salsa.. mixed it together and topped it with some red & green onion and some cilantro. Also had some more guac... and two dark chocolate kisses!

A few hours later, I was starving... and scarfed this yummy treat down....

Headed to pick up the kiddo after work... had to stop at the grocery store and by the time we got home and I got her dinner ready... it was 7 pm already. I threw together this salad.... This is a mix of romaine & spinach... topped with chopped apple, blueberries, strawberries, toasted almonds, feta cheese and roasted chicken. And some poppyseed dressing... SO GOOD! It was perfect for a summer night! I also had another blueberry muffin on the side with probably a tsp of smart balance...

Now I'm heading off to sleep.. hopefully better than last night! Up early for some shredding with Jillian Michaels... night!


  1. congrats on winning you some moolah! all your food looks amazing today! have fun shredding with Jillian!

  2. 2 types of nut butters for breakfast!! AWESOME :D
    oh and the pb larabar pretty much rocks!

  3. So nice to read the blog of a Nashville girl! (I'm originally from there!)

    Congrats on winning the money!

    When funds in the checking account get low I am always tempted to buy things with change but am too embarrassed. Thanks for letting me know other people do it!

  4. Thanks Erin!! :)

    PB Swirl - Heck yes! When you can't decide on one... why not have both? :)

    Hey Katie! Funny thing is, I almost didn't go... but my hubby was like - it could be you that wins the money! If you don't go... you'll never know! So I went... talk about luck... this stuff never happens to me!

    And I LOVE Nashville... I grew up in Orlando, FL but love it here so much!

  5. Hey chicky! You're from Nasvhille? My husbands parents live out there- SO beautiful! Don't feel silly paying for your 'bucks with change! I do it often!! Congrats on the win - wahoooo!!