Sunday, July 12, 2009

How is the weekend over already???

I can't believe our weekend is over! This was one of longest weeks ever for me... and the weekend FLEW by! Go figure, right? Thankfully, it's been a great one!

I woke up completely DRAINED - I'm sure thanks to spending 7 hours in a car yesterday! All I wanted to do was crawl back in bed and call it a day... but when you have a 3 year old bouncing around at 7 am... no can do!

So I tried to make my morning better by having a yummy breakfast... and this one, I have been looking forward to all week!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen this all over the blog-world... and could not wait to try it out myself!

Started with this....

And ended with this!!!
I don't think I ever want to eat my oat bran ANY OTHER WAY :) The way this melted the AB alllll through the oat bran was incredible!

Today's mix:
1/2 cup oat bran
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp vanilla
tons of cinnamon
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 big ol banana

All made one big bowl of oat bran goodness! :) I have a jar of PB Loco's Jungle Banana PB that's almost gone... I think this will be my next "bowl" of oat bran!

I pretty much laid around until I had to go get ready for yoga class. Before heading to class, I had a Luna bar to hold me over....

I was SO ready for our class today! It was all "restorative yoga"....

From the yoga studio's website:

Restorative classes focus less on stretching and toning but concentrate on relieving stress and releasing physical and mental tension. These gentle poses with static holds allow the body to renew by calming the nervous system, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure while boosting the immune system. This class will focus solely on the relaxation of the body through restful poses and minimal movement.


I went in totally physically and mentally drained... and came out feeling refreshed!!!

I was STARVING, too! I met JR and Maddie and we headed down the street to a local coffee shop, Bongo Java... I grabbed a turkey sandwich and a small nonfat latte for lunch! Didn't take a picture (still too chicken in public!)... Maddie enjoyed a tootsie pop while I had lunch... Can you tell which flavor she had? Ha!

I headed out to the grocery store after to pick up a few things... and then fixed dinner....

Maddie started on her pizza...

JR got started on our pizza after... we used premade whole wheat dough from Whole Foods... JR's side had turkey pepperoni... my side had grilled zucchini and squash, mushrooms, grilled chicken and red onion... YUM :) You will see a repeat of this for lunch this week!

I have lunches packed for tomorrow... and now we're sitting on the couch watching Roseanne repeats :)

My night may have ended with a little... or A LOT of this!

I'm curious... do any of you pre-plan your meals for the week? If so, how do you do it? What's your strategy? I haven't made a weekly meal plan in YEARS. I think it would really help me out because most nights I come home without a clue on what we're eating and no time to make anything... How do you do it?

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  1. ughhhh I can't believe its Monday! Looks like you had a very nice day though. The yoga class sounds great. I do meal plan- Usually a day or two before I go food shopping, I decide on the 6 meals I am going to make for dinner that week (we go out to dinner once a week). Based on the needs of each of those meals vs. what we have on hand, I make my list. I then add any lunch/breakfast/staple items we need.