Saturday, July 4, 2009

Starting the blog out with some red, white and blue....


Ever since I did a guest post for the lovely Justine, I have been back and forth on starting my own blog. I finally decided this morning that I am going to just jump right in... no plan, no idea of what I'm doing... and see what comes of it!

Please hang in there with me... I'm definitely not the amazing food photographer that all of you are! And I swear that no matter how many lights we have on in our house - curtains open, etc... it's still too dark to take great pictures! I'll have to experiment with it!

I may not be able to blog every meal... and may not due to the fact that my meals are usually pretty simple... nothing unique about them... but again, we'll see where this may lead me!

First of all, Happy July 4th to everyone! I hope you all are having a great day with family and friends.

I definitely started my day off with a "bang"... I got up early to try to get my work out finished before Maddie (who is my adorable 3 year old) woke up... I got up at 6:30.... started about 6:45... and of course, she woke up at 7! Grrrr... this child used to sleep until 9 am on the weekends up until about a month ago. What happened? LOL That was quite a luxury! Anyway, I still got through my work out... today, I did Level 1 and Level 2 of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I did Level 1 and thought, "I handled that pretty well... I'm sure I can get through Level 2 just as easily!"

Um.... no!

I was dying!!! I'm not gonna lie - I was doing the beginner moves for a few things just to make it through! That's what I get for thinkin'! I'm scared to even think of what's on Level 3! But I do think I am going to pair up the levels like this again... until I can "handle" level 2, also :)

Then I rounded up my work out with a little more cardio - not as intense as Jillian by doing Stephanie Huckabee's Power Fit video.

After all of that and burning 577 calories, I was so ready for breakfast!

I tried to incorporate a little bit of July 4th spirit....

This yummy bowl had oat bran, almond milk, a drizzle of agave, and of course, some strawberries, blueberries and some oikos yogurt for the red, white and blue effect :) I also have some sliced banana hidden underneath... and after the picture, smothered it all with some TJ's crunchy almond butter!!!

After some laundry and baking some cookies for tonight's cookout at the in-laws (more on those later), I showered and straightened my hair (mine is naturally curly... need a break once in awhile!) and then decided to have some lunch... nothing special, but here ya go

Ham and swiss sandwich on a whole foods wheat bun (these things are so freaking good!) and some chips... and for dessert, half of a TJ's 100 cal dark chocolate bar with a scoop of TJ's almond butter...

Then I gave a kiss to this little thankfully clean kiddo as daddy put her down for her nap....

and now I'm off to get ready myself for tonight! Will be back later with some updates and also LOTS of sangria :)

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