Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clean kitchen, happy mama... and workin' out with the kiddo!

Hey everyone!

How's your weekend going so far?

Yesterday was pretty good for us... it was nice to finally be home for more than to just sleep, get up and go all over again!

I woke up pretty early on my own yesterday... I knew I'd toss and turn if I tried to go back to sleep, so I just got up to start the day. I thought I'd make us all a yummy breakfast since I had so much time on my hands! I remembered I had some buttermilk that HAS to be used up, so I found a yummy waffle recipe to start our day with! Definitely worth making! I only made half of the recipe and got a few more than it said because my waffle maker is on the smaller side... but I think I may make more today and freeze them to toast up for easy on the go breakfast during the week! The recipe is here! I had one with some chobani vanilla yogurt, blackberries and banana. And of course, I had some PB&Co Bee's Knee's on it after I snapped the pic :)
After breakfast, Maddie and I got ready and headed out to get her hair cut! She said she was going to see her favorite "hair cutter lady, Ms. Glory". She did great with staying still and moving where Glory needed her to! I was a little afraid she'd be antsy and all over the place! Glory had some extra time after cutting her hair... so she played around and gave her a pretty princess hair do :) I only had my cell phone with me and only got one pic... but here's what the back looked like! She loved it! :)

Since Maddie was such so good for her hair cut, she got to pick where we had lunch! She said she wanted "turkey and cheese", which is her way of saying she wanted Subway! No pic... I'm sure y'all know what Subway food looks like! ;)

We ran to Trader Joe's... then came home and both took a nap! I slept for maybe an hour and got up and forced myself to get a work out in! I can not even remember the last time I worked out. Oh wait, it was right before we went to Alabama! Wow! Yeah, eating has been horrible since then, too. That's a whole other post that I plan to get to, though!

So I put in Jillians' 30 Day Shred and got going with Level 1. I used 5 & 8 lbs weights, depending on the exercise. It felt good to sweat! Sometimes it's SO hard to get going.. but once you're in it and finished, it feels amazing!!

After that, I had to conquer our kitchen. I almost took a picture of it to show you how bad it was... but that was wayyyy to shameful! I honestly could not see our kitchen counters! And who knew what was in the fridge at this point! I swear, from the day Brittney got here till yesterday, we haven't been home at ALL. It took me probably two hours between washing dishes, loading and unloading the dishwasher, going through papers on the counter, putting things away, and cleaning out the fridge! Now that it's done, I feel like a hundred pounds have been lifted off my shoulders...

Now our bedroom... that's a whole other story... sigh...

Maddie woke up from her nap as I was in my last circuit of Jillian's work out... She decided she wanted to join mommy and get her exercise in! I love that... always makes me feel so good about her seeing me and JR exercise. After we finished, she asked to do HER exercise dvd... I found this awesome kids work out dvd about a year ago. They do lots of stretching at the beginning and then in the middle, running, walking, marching, hopping, leaping, etc.... then they do a "freeze dance"... where they freestyle dance... she has a blast! I snapped a couple of pics of her stretching at the beginning...
She then found my hair band that I use to keep my hair back when I work out... put it on and just HAD to do her "exercise movie" (as she calls it) again because it made it SO much easier for her... haha

As I've mentioned before... Saturday night is pizza night in our house! We tried out Publix's premade dough this time around. It's pretty good... although I missed my Whole Food's dough! Some day we'll be brave enough to try to make our own.... when? I don't know! I am pretty intimidated by it... not sure why!

This week... my side had some Trader Joe's sundried tomato and basil chicken sausage, peppers, onion, mushrooms... that I cooked in some water, dried basil and oregano before baking on the pizza. I had maybe half of this beer with it...

I am going to end this monster post here... but will be back with other things to round out the weekend!

Do you have any "weekend traditions"? Saturday night has been our pizza night here... and we've been making our own now for the past year... and I would now much rather have our pizza than going out for pizza!

**Tomorrow is Make Up Monday! I'd LOVE to have someone send in a review of a new product they have tried, or something they love... or even one of your favorite "looks". If you have something you want to share, let me know!**

Do you guys have a favorite recipe that uses buttermilk that's pretty healthy? I need to use up the rest... I don't have too much left but have to use it today! I'm thinking of making some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins... but would love to hear any other suggestions!


  1. Ahh Maddie is SO cute. Turkey and cheese means Subway LOL. Your waffle looks delish!

  2. our weekend tradition is that dad grills when the weather is nice :D

    wow LOVE your breakfast!

  3. mmm I love mornings when I actually have time to make a nice bfast! The waffles sound fantastic. Maddie is adorable- love the extra special hair style!! Have a good one

  4. Love your waffle and pizza- looks great!!

    Maddie is too cute with her workout "look"!

  5. Holy Moly - Maddie is just TOO adorable. I LOVED freeze dance as a kid :) Haha.

    That pizza looks delicious!

  6. Thank you everyone! :) She's becoming quite the ham!!!!

  7. omg, your daughter is too cute!!

    I made some scones (whole wheat and cranberry) today that use buttermillk. Haven't gotten around to posting the recipe yet, but I'm sure you can find one online.