Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunshine on a rainy day....

Thank you all for your sweet comments on Maddie's video! I don't know if you could tell from the video... but she was copying everything she saw Taylor doing in the video!! Too funny!

Did anyone take advantage of Starbucks free pastry day yesterday? I most certainly did! I got a skinny latte and their three berry coffee cake, which I have to say - was VERY yummy! Britt got the lemon pound cake. She loved it!

I ended up in bed MUCH later than I had planned last night! I have been trying to "recover" from our trip last weekend and from Brittney being here... I missed out on a lot of shut eye! I thought I was going to get to bed early last night... and that just did not happen! So I let myself sleep in this morning... and woke up to nasty, nasty weather! Wet and cool... not a way to start a day! Especially after your baby sister leaves! :(

But the day did get better!!!

I started my day trying out two new peanut butters!! I'm sure they are not new to the blog world...but definitely new to me :) New nut butters ALWAYS makes a bad day better :)
I had two Kashi waffles and smeared Peanut Butter & Co's Mighty Maple on one and Bee's Knees on the other....stinking incredible!! Also pictured are more new fun foods for me....Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal and for Maddie a MUCH healthier version of cinnamon toast crunch! They taste exactly the same :)

Then I found out I won my first blog contest!!! Danica at Danica's Daily graciously gave away three Annie's prize packs... with two packages of Mac 'n Cheese (the ONLY mac 'n cheese I buy for Maddie!), Annie's bbq sauce (the only kind I buy for JR and I!) and Annie's coupons to buy even more great stuff!! Thank you again, Danica!! I can't wait to get my stuff :)

Speaking of Danica - she is in the running for the best dessert in the Who Makes The Best Summer Dessert? contest for Her entry is for the Nectarine Raspberry Sorbet over Fresh Fruit

Doesn't that look AMAZING?? Danica needs a bit of help with the voting to win... please head here to vote for her dessert and push her all the way to the top!! Hurry! Voting ends Thursday!!!

After work, I got my hair cut! Nothing major.. just a good trim, layers, etc... and my stylist (who I adore) went on and on about how great my hair color is now and how healthy my hair felt! This was awesome for me - I used a drugstore hair dye this time around AND have really only been using "cheaper" products in my hair to wash and condition with! Proving you don't have to spend a ton of money on hair products! Surely made my night!

I also had a wonderful glass of red wine while getting my hair cut... just what I needed today!

And to end my night... I had an (unpictured) vitabrownie with some peanut butter and whipped cream... ahhh yeah :)

I am going to catch up on a few blogs... and then head to bed to get up to work out. I um... haven't worked out in a WEEK people! What is with me? Speaking of that... I will be back tomorrow to talk a little bit about my food/drinking habits this week. I am needing a bit of inspiration and support!

Night all!!


  1. I am totally with ya on the lack of sleep this week! Glad you enjoyed free pastry day. I think its VERY cool that starbucks did that. Which of the two PB&Co nut butters did you like best? I haven't tried either of those flavors yet!

  2. I missed out on the Starbucks...totally forgot!

    Love your new nut butters- I haven't tried those 2 yet - and I'm inspired to try the cinnamon crunch- that is definitely one of my favorite (less healthy) cereals.
    Congrats on winning the contest. how cool!!

  3. I got the exact same thing at Starbucks the other morning! Well.. I got my latte iced... but otherwise the same pastry! :D

  4. Erica... so far, I think I like the bee's knees best! I'd love to have this on a pb&j sandwich sometime :)

    Angie, I really like the stats on the Cinnamon Crunch... any time I can find a better version of the sugary cereals that my daughter already seems to love - it's a bonus for me!

    Megan, yes.. .the pastry was awesome! I'm kind of afraid that I know that now... haha :)

  5. Did you like the pbs? I am not a fan. To sugary and fake tasting for me bleh.The detox is alright so far. Its only day 3 though. If you are wanting to drop a few lbs for the wedding I totally recommend it. If you decide to email me and I can send you some info :)


  6. Starbucks + kashi honey sunshine + mighty maple = GREAT post!

  7. Mmm - vitabrownie, PB and whipped cream!? YUMMMM! Way to represent the PB/chocolate combo! :)