Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just call me Betty...

Okay, not really! :)

I didn't take pictures of my food today... since I wasn't feeling great - everything was pretty bland! Nothing even halfway blog worthy!

But I did start feeling better after lunch, thankfully! And was in the mood to bake! I am not a natural when it comes to cooking. I am one of those that absolutely needs a recipe in front of me to tell me what to use and how much of it to put in! All that aside, I really enjoy it... it seems to calm me down... unless I'm baking with Maddie... that's a whole other story! ha :)

Since we had some zucchini leftover from our last CSA delivery that needed to be used asap... I decided to make zucchini bread! I found this recipe on www.myrecipes.com and got goin'! I did change a couple of things... I used half whole wheat pastry flour and half white wheat flour instead of all purpose flour... and also used real eggs instead of egg subsitute. It makes two loaves of bread but I made one loaf of bread and made muffins from the rest of the batter instead.

Here they are after baking and cooling...

I had another recipe I had been wanting to try for quite some time and decided to keep going with my baking streak and make them :) My sweet friend, Heather has this recipe for almond butter banana nut muffins... and I couldn't wait to make them! I actually used peanut butter rather than almond butter and didn't use any extra nuts... not sure if Maddie would like them or not!

And after baking....

The hard part of baking fun stuff is not eating it all in the same day! :) I had 1/4 of each type of muffins and wrapped up the rest :)

Now, the hard part is deciding which one to have with my smoothie in the morning!

Heading to bed... getting up early for a work out... and then gearing up for my sister to arrive! I can't wait!!!

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