Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy day!

Morning all!

It's been a crazy, busy day for me already! How is your hump day shaping up so far?

I started the day off with a good, sweaty work out! I did The Firm's Ultimate Calorie Blaster... this one is a good mix of step aerobics - switching between using a 6 inch, 8 inch and 14 inch step, lots of plyometrics and some 4-Limb work with 5 lb weights. Good, good work out! I burned 400 cals with this one....

And I had a work out buddy today.... my hubby! It's always nice (and definitely helps with motivation) when he is there with me.

But I somehow ended up SO incredibly late to work, I had no time to snap a pic of breakfast! I made a yummy smoothie - my fav combo of 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup of frozen cherries, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, protein powder and some almond butter... yummmmm... nice and frosty!

I had one of my YUMMY zucchini muffins with some more almond butter with it. These things are G-O-O-D! Make them!!!!!!

Well, we're coming upon the 1 year "anniversary" of the taping of the Firm Infomercial that my hubby and I were in last year. I can't believe it's been almost a year!! Everyone in the group has become great friends and I feel so blessed that they have come into my life! Emails are being sent around talking about our experiences... and we received this email from the person who interviewed us all for the infomercial and is part of the production company that produced it. I thought it was awesome and wanted to share it with you!

"Remember, each of you were picked out of hundreds of submissions because of the hard work and dedication you put into the program. There was a turning point in your life that gave you the drive to get up and do something about your health. We CONGRATULATE and THANK you for making that decision. As you are aware it's your stories that give other women and men the courage to make the change in their life as well. Be proud of your accomplishments. Each of you are the TRUE HERO"S. Keep it up and you'll live a long and healthy life".

His email led me to thinking about the little things that finally added up to me taking a stand for myself and my health! I knew I had to do this for me... Here I am today 102 pounds lighter and haven't looked back since!
I will reflect a bit more on my experience later... but wanted to hear from you!! What was the turning point for you? I'd LOVE to hear your stories!!!!

Now I am anxiously awaiting my sister's arrival! She should be here ANY minute and then we're off to grab a YUMMY lunch from our fav local sandwich shop... Bread & Company. Always one of her requests when she comes to visit!

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