Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things are a-changin'!

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you all SO much for your support on my last post! I really appreciate it :)

I have to make this VERY quick because I can't keep my eye lids open anymore... but wanted to make sure I let you know that if you came here lookin' for a "Peanut Butter Lovin' Mama"... you came to the right place! :) My husband, JR is INCREDIBLE and made this new banner for me and also helped me come up with the new title :) Peanut Butter Lovin' Mama was just kind of a filler till I found what I was really looking for!! I'm so excited!

I will be making more updates this weekend probably... Finally some About Me Info, Before & After pictures (which you can see a couple of pictures here).. maybe some meal ideas? I'm not sure!

What would you guys like to see? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What do you think of the header? I love the new page color... I'm such a girly girl... it fits me completely!

Off to bed! Night!


  1. WOW- everything looks so good! Hooray for the husband and his website talents!! Have a good one :)

  2. Ooooh! It all looks so good! Nice job husband!!

  3. thanks ladies! I'm excited about it :) Makes it feel "official"... haha!

  4. LOVE the new header!! Great photo- you are too cute!

  5. the hubby did good! everything looks great!