Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the go, go, go...

Hey everyone!

Why is it that every weekend seems to fly by faster than the last? I can't believe July is almost over! It's going to be Christmas before ya know it! Maybe that's why Maddie has been asking about Santa almost every day this week?!?

To finish off our Saturday night, JR and I played a game of Rumy. It's one of our favorites to play together... although, I have to say, I hate losing to him! haha! I had to give in and go to bed around 12:30...I'm such an old lady! But no fear... one more round and I'm sure I'll kick his tail end! We were both feeling snacky when we started our we had this while watching our season 10 DVD of Friends (who else misses new Friends episodes?!?!?!) and playing cards...
That's mine with the added M&M's and almonds! So good!

Maddie woke me up bright and early at 7:00 this morning (while daddy got to sleep till 10am!!)... did a few things around the house, caught up on some blogs...when I finally felt hungry ...I wanted... chocolate :) Chocolate for breakfast? Hey, I'm PMS-ing - it's allowed!! Okay, so really... it looks like mud... but I promise it was yummy!I first microwaved 1/2 cup oat bran, unsweetened Almond milk, water, 2 tbsp liquid egg whites - for some added protein, 1/2 tsp vanilla and agave nectar... then stirred in some dark chocolate cocoa powder... added some chopped cherries, banana and dark chocolate chips! With some almond butter on the side...

Once JR decided to get out of bed we headed to get the Sunday paper and make a Starbucks stop... I grabbed a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte...

While I was upstairs doing some cleaning, JR and Maddie did some cleaning of their own... going through ALL of her stuffed animals trying to figure out what she still plays with and what we can put up till the next little one comes along! Where's Maddie? HaHa...

Between oatmeal and the latte, I did not want any food until almost 1:30... I was craving a grilled sandwich! I used some Trader Joe's turkey, havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, smart balance mayo with 1 tsp smart balance light butter to grill it... individual bag of sun chips on the side! YUM! This is really the first time I've had the havarti cheese... I really like it!
Also got some baking action going on today!...I made these Berry Rich Muffins... I needed to use up our buttermilk and also had way more blackberries and blueberries than I think we could have eaten before they went bad... so this was perfect. Excuse JR's fingers in the picture... he's trying to grab one before they've even cooled! ;)

Once we got Maddie down for her nap, we got our work out on! JR worked out with me today! We did Level 1 of Jillian's 3o Day Shred... I used mainly 5 & 8 lbs throughout the work out... and then did some extra lower body work after we finished. I burned 361 calories....after that, I had 1/4 of one of the muffins and probably about a tablespoon of my new Trader Joe's trail mix for a snack... then got dinner ready!

Dinner was easy tonight... I just marinated some lean pork in a teriyaki marinade, some roasted rosemary red potatoes and steamed up an asian veggie medley...
I have been a busy bee all day! I got meals planned out for the week, which was a chore! I felt so disorganized! I haven't planned meals in quite some time and did not know where to start! How do you make out your meal plans???

I then clipped all the coupons I wanted from the newspaper... I was using them faithfully for awhile... and noticed a big difference when I stopped! Do any of you use coupons?

Now I'm heading off to bed... getting up early for some more Level 1 Jillian and some cardio action! Night all! :)


  1. Sounds like a very nice Sunday to me :) I love the picture of all the stuffed animals! I was a huge stuffed fan when I was a kid (pref'd them to pretty much any other toy except my fake kitchen). Love the idea of the sweets/nuts added to the popcorn- I bet that was a jammin snack!

  2. Kettlecorn with almonds and m&ms!?! THAT IS AWESOME!

    And those muffins DO look good - I may have been trying to grab one before the picture too ;)