Sunday, July 5, 2009


Catching up on last night's July 4th happenings...

We headed to my in-laws house to arrive to really icky weather! It had been beautiful and sunny all day long... until we headed out.

There was a huge snack spread as alwa
ys waiting for us when we arrived... we headed over a little later trying to make sure Maddie got her nap in (which lasted all of 45 minutes... eek!) so thankfully, there wasn't a whole lot of people tempting me to dive in! I brought over some Kashi TLC crackers and some hummus, so I snacked on that and also some of my fav TJ's trail mix that I had stashed in my purse.

Dinner was great - we had
turkey, mashed potatoes, some tomato and cucumber salad and some fruit salad. I didn't take any pictures of my food... I'm not really telling everyone about the blog as of yet... I was afraid it might make some people uncomfortable!

For dessert, I went a little overboard with my cookies
! I had one chocolate chip, one chocolate cookie and half of a peanut butter cookie... I DID get a picture of them :) The chocolate chip cookie and the chocolate cookie recipes are from Dreena Burton... they're vegan recipes but are SO incredible! Here is the link to her blog... it has both recipes on there! I highly recommend them!

I also
had two BIG glasses of the sangria my hubby was seriously good!

Maddie ran around all night and played with her "boyfriend" Lucas (her words, by the way, not mine! It's starting already!)... They had a great time and definitely kept each other busy all night!

Our fireworks were rained out :( This was the first year we kept Maddie up late to see them... and they didn't happen! Oh well... next year!

Anyway, here are some pictures we did take last night!

On the agenda today for me:

  • Taking pictures - I am being considered for success stories for Fitness Magazine and for's montly catalog that they mail out every month! I'm really excited to even be considered!
  • Going to a yoga class
  • Lunch after with some friends
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Blogging
  • Crash on the couch for the rest of the evening!
Have a great Sunday!!!

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  1. Mandy- I just found your blog through another site and it looks great! You look amazing and your daughter is adorable!